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Centre for Philosophy and Public Policy


The Centre for Philosophy and Public Policy (C3P) is a research centre that focuses on normative aspects of issues of public policy from the perspective of political, economic, and legal philosophy. Current research issues include the ethics of voting, the limits of the market, and big data and privacy. Members of the centre have an academic background in philosophy or political theory and are committed to promoting an open, logically rigorous and empirically informed conversation on public policy issues that are of importance and practical relevance to all citizens.

The centre hosts regular workshops with international guests and collaborates with other research institutions as well as companies from the private sector. In all of its activities, the centre is oriented towards contributing to the solution of the challenges faced by contemporary society, and it therefore welcomes opportunities to participate in public debate with academics, members of the press and policy makers.


Opening C3P




The new research centre (C3P) at Aalborg University will focus on the normative aspects of public policy issues from a political, economic and legal perspective. The centre's members have an academic background in the fields of philosophy or political theory.

The Centre's purpose is to promote an open, logically stringent and empirically informed conversation about public policy matters that affect all citizens in society. In all its activities, the Centre will be oriented towards contributing to the solution of the challenges facing modern society.





Do you have questions or would you like to contact us? Write an email to our research leader, Jørn Sønderholm, who is the director of the Centre.

Aalborg University
Department of Learning and Philosophy
Kroghstræde 3, room 4.145
DK-9220 Aalborg Ø

✉️ jds@learning.aau.dk

☎️ +45 9940 3389


Centre for Philosophy and Public Policy’ is a part of the research group ‘Centre for Applied Philosophy’ at Aalborg University.

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